Community Outreach and Engagement

The outreach activities of the Center has taken its staff to four continents to provide political leaders, city planners, other specialists and designers, and everyday citizens share its knowledge and expertise on the many dimensions comprising urban sustainability. A CSC team was responsible for assisting then mayoral candidate, Jerry Brown, in preparing an urban sustainability plan for a plan called “Oakland Ecopolis” to launch his ultimately successful first bid for the Oakland, CA, mayor’s office. The CSC staff worked with its Vienna-based Oikodrom partner and team of European experts in collaborating with Hammam owners and users in Egypt to integrate sustainability-oriented elements into this traditional venue of cleansing and social interaction. CSC staff was invited to Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver to consult with Canadian city planners and sustainability coordinators on the role and value of GeoSim 3D modeling services in their downtowns for advancing sustainability planning and holistic design. Most recently, an outgrowth of the Center—the CSC Design Studio—is pioneering in the application of Passive House design practices to individuals interested in saving energy and organizations like Habitat for Humanity seeking inexpensive, but innovative designs to move to the next level in energy conservation: zero net energy.